The Case for Dark Countertops

Sleek black countertop works beautifully with fresh white cabinets to make a stylish and welcoming kitchen.

Light or Dark?

Its a classic conundrum in design and decor - light or dark? And no where does this dilemma seem more pressing than when choosing your counter-top color. Why you may ask? Simple - your counters can be a huge statement piece and effectively dictate the vibe, feel, and overall design of your kitchen. And, while I am always here for a bright airy kitchen filled with fresh flowers, today I am focusing on kitchen decor's moodier child - Dark Counters.

I love a dark counter, its true! They are dramatic, practical, and, if i'm being honest, do not get the attention they deserve. However, choosing a counter-top color is a big decision, and should only be made when fully informed. So, to help any potential kitchen up-graders out, I have gathered all of the pros of a dark counter here. Let's get into it....

Dark counters add an elegant style to any space.

A Touch of Elegance

Enter any kitchen with a well designed dark counter top and you can feel the sophistication. A dark counter is a bold statement that brings depth and substance to a room's design. I love a kitchen that takes itself seriously, and nothing aids in that endeavor quite like the presence of a dark counter.

I also think dark counters are incredibly versatile. They can truly fit in with any decor theme. Sleek and modern? A Ubatuba Black counter will work perfectly. Want some beautiful white cabinets? Make them pop with a gorgeous deep counter. Want a traditional look? Chestnut will be perfect! Which leads me to my next point...

Enhance the Other Colors in Your Space

The deeper shade of dark counters will enhance any other colors in the room. While white tends to outshine the surrounding colors, your dark counters are happy to sit back and bolster the colors surrounding them. So, if you wanting statement cabinets, a fancy back splash, or any other huge splash of color - dark just may be the way to go!

Dark counters and lower cabinets add a sophisticated feel to this stylish kitchen.

Easy to Maintain

Of course, last but CERTAINLY not least, in the PRO column for dark counter-tops is the absolute ease of care. The patterns and details incorporated into dark counter-tops help to easily conceal the messes, crumbs, and stains that come along with everyday life. This will be an especially big upside if you have kids living in your household! Grape juice spilled on white marble could very easily lead to a permanent stain. However, grape juice spilled on black granite wouldn't be noticeable at all!

In Conclusion

Obviously, there are upsides and downsides to any design choice. The right choice for your space may not be the right one for your neighbor, and that's awesome. I hope this article has answered some questions about the often less celebrated dark counter-tops! If this has piqued your interest, Instant Granite is the perfect way to test out these dark counters without committing to spending big bucks on real granite. You can read all about Instant Granite here, and be sure to check out our Black or Chestnut products! Like what you see? Order Samples today!

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