The Importance of Samples!

We are always happy to send out sample kits to customers considering our product for an upcoming project, and there are several reasons why. A DIY home improvement project is big (yet doable!!) undertaking, and we always want you to end up with the perfect Instant Granite for your space. One of the biggest reasons we recommend samples to potential customers is COLOR CHOICE! There is so much in your home (lighting, other prominent colors, etc) that can impact the way a pattern appears. We send large samples, typically no smaller than 7” x 7”, so that you can get the full idea of the patterns offered, and really get a taste of what that color will do in your space. While choosing a color may seem like an obvious reason to request samples, there are several other things we recommend our customers use their samples for:

  1. Practice Corners! Corners are undoubtedly one of the more difficult to tackle in the installation of our product. There are so many ways to wrap your corners (present wrapping style, using a separate piece to wrap the overhang, etc) and the five large pieces we send in your sample kit gives you the chance to determine which method you are comfortable with before your final install!
  2. Test Your Surface! We get questions everyday asking whether our product will adhere to various types of surfaces. While the simple answer is that our product will adhere to NON-POROUS surfaces, that is sometimes a difficult thing to fully understand. Will it stick to the underside of your counters? What about the edges? Use your samples to test all of this out (pro-tip: if you are having difficulty with the underside of your counters then they are probably textured so a multipurpose glue, like Liquid Nails, is a great and easy solution)!
  3. Install and Remove! We tell you our product is removable, but we’d like for you to see it for yourself. Place the product on the surface you are considering covering and remove in a few days. You’ll see that its easy to remove and won’t cause any damage to the surface below!
  4. Test Out Seams! If you have a surface wider than our standard 3ft length, samples are an excellent way to test out what installation with a seam will look and feel like! If you are thinking about installing with a seam, we recommend a ¼” overlap, and think that the Luna Pearl, Venetian Gold, or Ubatuba Black patterns look best!
  5. Try Out Some Heat! We think the hairdryer is the secret to an excellent installation. Heat helps the product essentially shrink wrap onto the surface, which is awesome for corners and edge. Running a hairdryer over your finished install is the best last step to ensure a beautiful project!

In the end, we want you to be happy with your space, and feel like samples are the best way to ensure this! 

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