Welcome to Easy Home Renewals!

Appliance Art, Instant Stainless, and Instant Granite have always been our most loved products, and the solution they provide seems simple at it core.  Don't waste something that works perfectly fine, but just doesn't look good anymore!  If your dishwasher is ugly but works great, just cover it!  If your counters need an update don't spend thousands to replace them, cover them!  And if you are going to commit to a renovation and new counters, don't you want to make sure you looooove a white counter before you shell out for Carrera marble?  Best of all, if you're a renter and have super old school orange laminate countertops, cover them up and keep your security deposit! 

Do you know what you want your home could look like, but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger on a renovation?  Wish you could test out different kitchen countertops before committing to the expense and permanence of natural stone?  Are you throwing a party in a few weeks (hello, friendsgiving, I'm looking at you) and want to upgrade your kitchen before your guests arrive?  Do you rent your home, and want updates that you can remove at the end of your lease?  Are you a landlord looking for a way to stand out among other rentals in your market?  Do you have ugly old counters that need some love? Check out our collection of Instant Granite for inspirational updates to your counters.

DIYers Club

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we've launched a newly designed website under a new store name.  Our store on Amazon has been Easy Home Renewals since the beginning, and we realized that it made sense to combine our separate websites under one name here as well.  We have grouped each of our product lines into collections - Instant GraniteAppliance Art, and Magnetic Locker Skins.  We have shaken things up a bit in our Appliance Art collection.  You'll always find our basics: Instant StainlessBlack Dishwasher Cover, and White Dishwasher Cover.  But we will begin to rotate products in our Seasonal and Decorative collections - so you'll get an email when your favorite Jennifer Garant product is available for a limited time!  And we will remind you to get your Boo dishwasher cover in plenty of time to enjoy it before Halloween comes and goes.  

We have curated our installation instructions, articles, and blogger features to provide our most loved articles.  You'll find these on the blog section of the website, and will notice that these change frequently.  We hope to send you an update with each blog post, as well as a list of current promotions.

You may notice that we've begun a "DIYers club" for anyone who signs up for our mailing list.  Members get FREE SHIPPING on any standard order, and all you need to provide is your email address.  Note - we will send periodic updates like installation tips, discounts, and promotions.  You can opt out of the DIYers club / email list at any time.  But we hope you find the information useful.  If not, or if you have any questions, please reach out!  We are here and love to talk.