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Instant Granite® in White Italian Marble

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Created from tiles of Carrara Italian Marble, the subtle elegance of this pattern provides an excellent low key background to your life.  Yeah, we know it looks like we're selling cookies in one of those pictures.  But how much yummier do those cookies look against a clean, white background than against the chipped, puke green linoleum that was there before?  And you can't even tell what color was there before we covered it.  We specifically designed our product with gray adhesive as a color blocker.  So cover those outdated countertops in confidence!

To be honest, customers either love or hate this pattern.  One persons "too white, not enough veining" comment is right next to someone else's "love the color, but too many lines."  So we launched a new color!  Our Grey (Gray) Marble has a LOT more veining in it, and you'll see more shades of gray in this pattern than in our Carrara Italian White Marble.  If you're unsure which one you want, get a samplepack!  Test out all of the colors in your own home to see which one suites your personal style best.

  1. Unroll a few inches and peel off backing paper.
  2. Line up granite *leaving a few inches on all sides* and gently press to your surface.
  3. Hold the squeegee in one hand and gently pass it back and forth over the granite to smooth out bubbles. Slowly pull the backing paper off with one hand, smoothing the granite down with the squeegee as the adhesive is exposed
  4. SLOWLY continue applying the granite over your surface.
  5. Once you've applied Instant Granite to your surface, trim excess material and pass a hair dryer or heat gun over the surface on low.
  6. Look at your beautiful new countertop!

Click here for full installation instructions.

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Your order will ship by our choice of carrier from our Atlanta, Ga warehouse within 1-2 business days*, unless otherwise stated during checkout.

Products that have been produced to custom measurements are not eligible for return. We are human, and if we ship the wrong item, or a damaged item, we will refund or replace as quickly as possible. Since we bear the initial shipping costs as well as the return shipping, we will impose a 20% restock fee for returns. Any products that are returned used or altered will be held to a restock fee of no less than 50%.

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    Terrible Contact paper that does not stick!!!


    Very impressed


    Quality Product, slightly tricky install


    love this! looks so real


    Very nice update

    If you are thinking of renovating your home or a particular room, you are probably dreading the fact that you will have to put your house under construction for several weeks. Nowadays it is not so necessary to resort to a company or person that offers you those services. Do-it-yourself is a tool widely used worldwide to be able to remodel your home on a budget.  

    No, you should not paint your countertops.  You should not epoxy your countertops, you shouldn't paint your countertops, and you shouldn't pour cement on your countertops.  These are all lovely solutions, but they also all require a professional to really look good.  Instant Granite is truly a DIY product - you might need an extra pair of hands, but you don't need a professional.
    You can learn so much with samples!  Most people consider getting samples first so they can see the colors in their home, and that's a great reason to get samples.  Take it one step further and test out installation, try some heat, practice corners, and see how easy it is to remove!