Should I paint my countertops?

If you're looking for a big impact in your kitchen but not interested in making a big investment, there are a few options out there.  It comes down to a question of professional installation or do it yourself.  But it really isn't as simple as that, when a product in one of those groups wants to pretend to be something it's not.

In short, no.  No, you should not paint your countertops.  You should not epoxy your countertops, you shouldn't paint your countertops, and you shouldn't pour cement on your countertops.  These are all lovely solutions, but they also all require a professional to really look good.  This is the confusing part - there are plenty of DIY kits for projects like this that want you to think you can do it yourself instead of hiring a professional.  But these applications are multiple steps, require precision, and take a long time to complete.  What's more important - you've committed.  It's not easy to undo or fix them.

We began selling Instant Granite peel and stick countertops over a decade ago, and have thousands of happy customers.  During that time, I can't tell you how many customers have found us because they are trying to fix a Giani Paint kit gone wrong.  I actually received a phone call last week from a customer who thought she had reached the paint kit place, and wanted to know what to do to fix the peeling paint on the counter she'd painted less than 6 months ago.  I don't know how she reached us instead of the paint place, but we had a great conversation and she placed an order for Instant Granite before we hung up.   She's not the only one - I fixed one of my parent's friends' bathroom counters last summer after they were tired of the peeling paint from a diy counter paint kit.  Even if the paint kit looks great when you apply it (don't sneeze while you're painting that marble veining!), the process itself is very time consuming and messy.  

Peel and stick countertops come in all shapes and sizes, too.  Literally.  Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, and you'll find tons of sizes of peel and stick countertops out there now.  One thing that you won't find very often - 36" wide rolls.  I'll let you in on a secret - Amazon charges a lot less in processing fees for products that are 18" or shorter.  That's why you'll see 17 7/8 inch long products out there!  They are trying to cut corners on processing and shipping.  But when the manufacturer cuts corners, it hurts your project.  Yes, most counters are only 24" deep.  But our rolls are 36" deep to give you plenty of room to install easily without trying to use every single inch.  Have you ever tried to draw a straight line for longer than a few inches?  That's why we think you need 36" wide rolls - you need room to install crooked without stressing about it!

Instant Granite is a much better solution than a painted kit for transforming your countertop.  It's a simpler installation, there's no messy clean up... and did you know it's removeable?  Just peel it back up, whether you need to remove it 6 months later or 6 years later.  You can't say the same about a paint kit!  Also, Instant Granite has a gray adhesive layer that acts like a primer.  So even our lightest white Italian Marble will cover the black marks on your counter.

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