Blogger Feature: Morgan from My Pear Tree Home

Welcome Springtime Inspiration:

Spring is here! Sunnier days are ahead, flowers are blooming, the weather is warming … and that undeniable itch to freshen up your home starts settling in. Everywhere I look this time of year, inspiration looms! Honestly, it can almost feel a bit…overwhelming? Each spring I find myself somewhat stuck, unable to decide which direction to head with my décor, DIY, or crafting projects. This year, rather than allow myself to once again fall frozen, I am going to dive head-in to the inspiration station! Instead of feeling stuck, or undecided, I'm going to spend my time looking back at past projects or imagining new ideas, and draw inspiration from that. Even if inspiration doesn't suddenly spring up, I'll have looked at some seriously gorgeous spaces…seems like a win-win to me!

beautiful, clean, springtime kitchen with White Marble and fresh flowers. Instant Granite is the way to get this delicate and on trend look for less

Blogger Collaboration: Morgan from My Pear Tree Home

One of my absolute favorite projects we saw come to life was with Morgan over at My Pear Tree Home. The laminate counters in her house, while not absolutely terrible, just weren't doing it for her anymore! However, when she searched for replacement counters - she was less than pleased with the price.

Determined as ever, she kept searching for a answer! She knew there had to be a solution, there was no way that beautiful counters + kitchens were reserved for those with a huge budget and endless time frame! She stumbled across Instant Granite and, after seeing a post or two of the material on Instagram, she reached our to order some samplesand check out if the material was as good as it seemed.

Luckily, the Instant Granite lived up to her expectations, and she fell in love with the White Italian Marble pattern. She measured her kitchen, gathered her tools, and got ready to work!

The Installation:

The tools you need to install Instant Granite to transform your counters! Scissors, hairdryer, straightedge, and utility knife.

Morgan received 24ft of the White Italian Marble Instant Granite and gathered her tools. For her installation, she used a straight-edge, utility knife, scissors, and a hairdryer. She and her husband worked together and were able to complete the project in 1 weekend! Wowza - that's way less of a time commitment than a total kitchen reno. Check out her blog post to read how they used the hairdryer to handle the rounded edges!

using a hairdryer is the best way to get the material to really shrink wrap and fit. this is especially helpful with tackling corners.

Before and After

morgans kitchen before Instant Granite had a dark, slightly warped laminate counter that she just wasn't in love with
Morgan's Kitchen Before

This project was a serious game-changer for Morgan and her family The White counters add such a bright and fresh feel to the kitchen. Check out the stunning before and after photos!

After applying Instant Granite, the kitchen has a fresh, beautiful, and bright feel! Perfect for Spring
Morgan's Kitchen After!!!

Wow!! What a transformation. The entire space feels brighter more inviting. We had such a great time partnering up with Morgan for this project, and it's been fun to revisit these images and get inspired all over again. Check out some more totally inspiring shots from her kitchen below!

fresh flowers and Instant Granite White Marble. An easy and affordable upgrade for your kitchen this spring.

beautiful white counters for a fraction of the cost!

White Marble Counters are affordable with Instant Granite. The durable way to upgrade your kitchen without the cost or time of a full reno

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