Don't spend a fortune to get the kitchen you have always dreamed of! We gathered our top ten favorite tricks and products for adding style to your space while sticking to a tight budget. From painting to DIY counters, these affordable kitchen upgrades will make a huge impact!
Learn about what makes this product the ultimate DIY project for home improvement. The adhesive on Instant Granite gives you the best of both worlds, as it is both durable and removable.
Learn everything you need to know about Instant Granite. From color choice to installation - this how to guide will cover any and all questions you may have about this ultimate DIY product for your kitchen update.

One of my absolute favorite projects we saw come to life was with Morgan over at My Pear Tree Home. The laminate counters in her house, while not absolutely terrible, just weren't doing it for her anymore! However, when she searched for replacement counters - she was less than pleased with the price. Determined as ever, she kept searching for a answer! She knew there had to be a solution, there was no way that beautiful counters + kitchens were reserved for those with a huge budget and endless time frame! She stumbled across Instant Granite and, after seeing a post or two of the material on Instagram, she reached our to order some samples and check out if the material was as good as it seemed. Luckily, the Instant Granite lived up to her expectations, and she fell in love with the White Italian Marble pattern. She measured her kitchen, gathered her tools, and got ready to work!