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Matte Black (CHALKBOARD) Magnetic Dishwasher Cover 23.5" wide by 26" tall

Do you love the chalkboard art in coffee shops and restaurant menus?? Are you looking for a quick, clean way to leave messages on your fridge?? Do you want to utilize the side of your fridge for more than magnets?? Or do you need to create a home command center for messages, menus, and shopping lists? Instant Chalkboard is a versatile surface that's ideal for kitchen messages.? The Instant Chalkboard brand of products are made from a vinyl chalkboard film applied to a sheet of magnet. Your cover is easy to wash and maintain - just don't use abrasive cleaners that will scratch the chalkboard finish! Also easy to cut with scissors, so can be trimmed to fit around handles and panels.



The dishwasher refinishing cover is really hassle free to install and remove; simply measure, trim to size and stick/remove. 

That's it; no harsh, offensive-smelling adhesives to deal with and no massive prep work when sticking or removing; just ensure that your dishwasher is magnetic before ordering the dishwasher cover magnet - If a magnet sticks to your dishwasher, so will our wrapping panels!

Click here for full installation instructions.

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No, you should not paint your countertops.  You should not epoxy your countertops, you shouldn't paint your countertops, and you shouldn't pour cement on your countertops.  These are all lovely solutions, but they also all require a professional to really look good.  Instant Granite is truly a DIY product - you might need an extra pair of hands, but you don't need a professional.
You can learn so much with samples!  Most people consider getting samples first so they can see the colors in their home, and that's a great reason to get samples.  Take it one step further and test out installation, try some heat, practice corners, and see how easy it is to remove!