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Sunflowers, by Vincent Van Gogh | Appliance Art Magnetic Dishwasher Cover

Vincent van Gogh painted a series of sunflowers in vases in Arles, France in the late 1880s. Using three shades of yellow and little else, the artist created an image using variations of a single color without any loss of eloquence. Van Gogh later wrote that his sunflowers communicated "gratitude." While there are actually 5 versions on display in museums around the world, this replica from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam can bring this eloquence and gratitude to your kitchen.

Appliance Art appliance covers are easy to install. Our magnetic covers simply stick to the surface and are easy to cut so they can be trimmed to fit. All products are 23.5" wide by 26" tall, magnetic panels with graphics printed on vinyl. Our magnetic dishwasher covers are rolled, protected with a clear sleeve, and shipped in a cardboard tube. You can reuse the cardboard tube for storage and switch out covers each season!

Make sure your appliance is magnetic before you purchase a magnetic cover. If a magnet sticks to your appliance, then our cover will too! If a magnet slips down or falls off your appliance, then our magnetic covers will not work on that appliance either. (This product does not make your appliance magnetic.)

The dishwasher refinishing cover is really hassle free to install and remove; simply measure, trim to size and stick/remove. 

That's it; no harsh, offensive-smelling adhesives to deal with and no massive prep work when sticking or removing; just ensure that your dishwasher is magnetic before ordering the dishwasher cover magnet - If a magnet sticks to your dishwasher, so will our wrapping panels!

Click here for full installation instructions.

Shipping & Returns

Your order will ship by our choice of carrier from our Atlanta, Ga warehouse within 1-2 business days*, unless otherwise stated during checkout.

Products that have been produced to custom measurements are not eligible for return. We are human, and if we ship the wrong item, or a damaged item, we will refund or replace as quickly as possible. Since we bear the initial shipping costs as well as the return shipping, we will impose a 20% restock fee for returns. Any products that are returned used or altered will be held to a restock fee of no less than 50%.

No, you should not paint your countertops.  You should not epoxy your countertops, you shouldn't paint your countertops, and you shouldn't pour cement on your countertops.  These are all lovely solutions, but they also all require a professional to really look good.  Instant Granite is truly a DIY product - you might need an extra pair of hands, but you don't need a professional.
You can learn so much with samples!  Most people consider getting samples first so they can see the colors in their home, and that's a great reason to get samples.  Take it one step further and test out installation, try some heat, practice corners, and see how easy it is to remove!