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Irises, by Vincent van Gogh
Irises, by Vincent van Gogh
Irises, by Vincent van Gogh

Irises, by Vincent van Gogh

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One of the famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Irises was inspired by the flower gardens that encompassed the hospital during his stay at an asylum in France.  Van Gogh used nature and the walls around him as inspiration.  While the original painting hangs in the J. Paul Getty Museum, you can bring this recreation to your home. Cropped to fit the dimensions of your dishwasher, Irises uses purples, blues, greens, and hints of yellow from Provence to brighten your most visited room.

Magnetic Dishwasher Door Cover Sheet, Vinyl Decorative Panel Decal For An Instant, Easy Update (23.5 x 26 Inches, Easily Trimmable)

  • AFFORDABLE WAY TO UPDATE THE LOOKS OF YOUR DISHWASHER: these magnetic dishwasher covers hide scratches, dents or other unsightly marks on your dishwasher - instantly, effortlessly and affordably
  • MAGNETIC AND EASILY TRIMMABLE: the dishwasher refinishing cover is really hassle free to install and remove; simply measure, trim to size and stick/remove - that's it; no harsh, offensive-smelling adhesives to deal with and no massive prep work when sticking or removing; just ensure that your dishwasher is magnetic before ordering the dishwasher cover magnet - if a magnet sticks to your dishwasher, so will our wrapping panels
  • FADE, WATER AND HEAT RESISTANT: Appliance Art dishwasher magnetic covers are made of PET vinyl film applied to industrial grade, flexible magnet sheets and protected by clear laminate, which makes our covers smudge, water and heat resistant as well as easy to clean and maintain
  • ELEGANT SOLID COLORS: proudly designed and produced in the US, these appliance magnetic covers are the results of many hours of hard work, so that you can easily jazz up your dishwasher to get it to complement with the rest of the kitchen
  • SPECIFICATIONS OF APPLIANCE ART DISHWASHER APPLICATION COVER: 26" x 23.5" inches; easily trimmable to fit your dishwashers

All products are 23.5" wide by 26" tall, magnetic panels with graphics printed on vinyl