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APPLIANCE ART's Chalkboard Appliance Cover
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APPLIANCE ART's Chalkboard Appliance Cover

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Do you love the chalkboard art in coffee shops and restaurant menus?? Are you looking for a quick, clean way to leave messages on your fridge?? Do you want to utilize the side of your fridge for more than magnets?? Or do you need to create a home command center for messages, menus, and shopping lists? Instant Chalkboard is a versatile surface that's ideal for kitchen messages.? The Instant Chalkboard brand of products are made from a vinyl chalkboard film and comes in either a magnetic or peel and stick version. The peel and stick version is applied like a big sticker to your appliance. The magnetic version is the same peel and stick product, but stuck on a large magnet and delivered to you as a flexible magnet to cover your appliance. Both options are easy to wash and maintain - just don't use abrasive cleaners that will scratch the chalkboard finish! Both products are also easy to cut with scissors, so can be trimmed to fit around handles and panels.


Appliance Art appliance covers are easy to install. Our magnetic covers simply stick to the surface and vinyl covers adhere with a squeegee we include for free! All materials are easy to cut and can be trimmed to fit.

Select your favorite Appliance Art theme.

Identify the style of appliance you want to cover (dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer on top and fridge on bottom, refrigerator with side by side doors). These selections indicate the standard uses for our covers. But they work everywhere in your house! Want to cover your washing machine? Dryer? Mini Fridge? Kegerator? Trash Compactor? Send us a message!

Select the material for your cover "Magnetic" or "Peel and Stick." Make sure your appliance is magnetic if you want to purchase a magnetic cover. If a magnet sticks to your appliance, then our cover will too! If a magnet slips down or falls off your appliance, then our magnetic covers will not work on that appliance either. (This product does not make your appliance magnetic.) Don't worry - all of our designs come in a peel and stick cover as well!

Place your custom order with Appliance Art (see note below if you require custom measurements)

Receive your new Appliance Art covers.

Adhere cover to appliance and trim to fit.



We are happy to customize your order to the specific measurements of your appliance, but you must indicate those measurements in the comments section of your order. If you place your order without indicating custom measurements in the comments section, your order will be produced to the standard measurements listed here:

Dishwasher: 23.5 inches wide by 26 inches tall

Magnet Fridge Covers:

Top & Bottom Fridge: Top (Freezer) door is 23.75 inches wide by 16 inches tall; Bottom (Fridge) door is 23.75 inches wide by 46 inches tall.

Side by Side Fridge: Right (Fridge) door is 20 inches wide by 62 inches tall; Left (Freezer) door Above the Ice Maker is 12 inches wide by 15.5 inches tall; Left (Freezer) door Below the Ice Maker is 12 inches wide by 28.5 inches tall.

**If you send custom measurements, please keep in mind that our magnets cannot be produced wider than 23.75 inches.

Peel & Stick Fridge Covers:

Both Top/Bottom & Side by Side Instant Stainless Fridge Peel and Stick Fridge covers will be produced as a single roll of material that is 40" wide by 80" tall. This allows you to install and cut to the dimensions needed for your appliance.